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Don Piper
We recently enjoyed a Question-and-Answer session with Pastor Don Piper on Facebook. Because there were so many questions that time did not allow Don to answer, we asked him to answer the questions he’s most frequently asked. Keep an eye on the 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN blog and Facebook for his answers, starting with this one:

ASK DON: Will we be married in Heaven?

Don Piper’s Answer:
We will not be married, but we will be related. I believe the relationships in Heaven are actually superior to the ones we experience on earth. Here we have misunderstandings and arguments no matter how much we may love each other—and that simply will not happen in Heaven. It will be perfection and bliss.

Losing a spouse or a child is very difficult, but you will know them in Heaven even if the relationship is somewhat different. All of our relationships will be perfect. We will all be brothers and sisters in Christ. No matter how much that we may love our husband or wife, parents, or children on earth, we will love them even more in Heaven.

90minutesinheaven • August 30, 2015

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