ASK DON: Are there animals or pets in Heaven?

Don Piper’s Answer:
I only arrived at the gates of Heaven, and the people who greeted me were the people who helped me get to Heaven through their witness on Earth. I did not see any animals or pets in Heaven. That does not mean they are not there. In fact, I have reason to believe that they will be.

In the Bible’s creation sequence, found in Genesis 1, God creates animals before he creates humans. Following the creation of these creatures, He said they were very good. Indeed, they are good, and they bring us encouragement and companionship. It is hard to believe God would create something so majestic and beautiful and not have them in Heaven.

The book of Revelation tells us when Christ returns; He will come on a white horse. The Bible also says that at the end of this age, the lion and lamb will not be enemies. So animals will have a different nature than they now do. Many theologians such as Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Wesley, C. S. Lewis, and Billy Graham feel there will be animals in Heaven. I do believe animals will be in Heaven.

90minutesinheaven • September 8, 2015

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