90 Minutes In Heaven: A Hope-Filled, Inspiring Message

Don and Eva Piper are everyday people. She’s a retired grade-school teacher. He’s a pastor. They are parents of three adult children, and are also grandparents.

But there is one big difference between the Pipers and us. Don was killed in a traffic crash 26 years ago. Needless-to-say, their everyday lives have never been the same.

In this video, you not only meet Don and Eva, but you also discover their heart for ministry and for bringing eternal hope to everyone they meet. That’s why they were excited to have 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN—a movie made based on Don’s book of the same title—produced.

So if you know someone who could use encouragement, be sure to share this video. And then, invite them to see 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN with you when it opens in theaters September 11.

Hope Lives!

90minutesinheaven • August 20, 2015

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