ASK DON: Did you see Jesus while you were in Heaven?

Don Piper’s Answer:
Though I did not see Jesus face-to-face while I was in Heaven, I did sense His presence everywhere and I did see His brilliance and aura high and lifted up on a throne in the center of the city. According to scripture, Jesus receives an additional name in Heaven. He is referred to as the “Lamp of God.” So we will all bask in the glow of God the Father and Jesus the Son in Heaven, and I did.

I am actually glad that I did not see Him face-to-face while I was there. I was so distraught after returning to earth after experiencing what happened to me Heaven that had I seen Jesus and then experienced having that removed from me back here, I do not think that I could have ever functioned here again.

I was genuinely heartbroken and confused by having had the Heavenly encounter and then having it taken away from me. Had I seen Jesus and lost that, I truly don’t think I could have had any semblance of a meaningful life back here on planet earth.

The very best thing about Heaven is we will be with God and God will be with us. One day, I shall see Jesus face-to-face and live in the house of the Lord forever. May God help us to be found faithful until that day.

90minutesinheaven • August 30, 2015

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