ASK DON: What do people do in Heaven? What do they wear?

Don Piper’s Answer
People were walking around and fellowshipping with each other. Often, Heaven is compared to the most wonderful church experience you have ever had. So often, God may open the door to show us a little of what Heaven is like on earth through a retreat, camp experience, or an incredible worship service. In Heaven, those types of experiences are eternal.

We will learn more and more about whom we are and who God is. Heaven is a place to serve and be served. We will also share experiences with each other. Imagine eating all you want and never gaining any weight! There will be incredible banquets at the Lord’s Table. Heaven is full of singing, and we will all be part of God’s choir.

We also get to greet people we know when they come to Heaven. One of the most exciting parts about my experience in Heaven, was that I was greeted at the gates by people I knew who had gone before me. Heaven is not boring! Heaven is a place of fellowship, singing, praising, serving, and learning. No cherubs sitting around playing harps on clouds!

The people I saw in Heaven were wearing magnificent clothing. It was some type of brilliant cloth. It appeared to be like a robe, and it was quite beautiful, pure in its beauty.

90minutesinheaven • September 2, 2015

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