ASK DON: What is the nature of relationships between God’s people in Heaven?

Don Piper’s Answer:
The people I encountered in Heaven were people I recognized. It was not necessary to be introduced to any of them. I knew them even though many had been quite elderly when they died, or in some cases, quite young. They looked neither old or young; they were ageless. There were people there who had been friends of mine, and there were family members, neighbors, and classmates.

The one thing they had in common was each of them had a positive spiritual impact on my life. I did not see anyone at the gates I did not know. I fully believe there were many more people inside the gates, and we will meet Moses, Peter, Paul, and other biblical heroes. We will see them, and we will know them. We have eternity to fellowship with other believers.

90minutesinheaven • September 8, 2015

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