ASK DON: Did you see Jesus while you were in Heaven?

Don Piper’s Answer: Though I did not see Jesus face-to-face while I was in Heaven, I did sense His presence everywhere and I did see His brilliance and aura high and lifted up on a throne in the center of the city. According to scripture, Jesus receives an additional name in Heaven. He is referred…

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Don Piper Talks Heaven

We recently enjoyed a Question-and-Answer session with Pastor Don Piper on Facebook. Because there were so many questions that time did not allow Don to answer, we asked him to answer the questions he’s most frequently asked. Keep an eye on the 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN blog and Facebook for his answers, starting with this…

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90 Minutes In Heaven: A Hope-Filled, Inspiring Message

Don and Eva Piper are everyday people. She’s a retired grade-school teacher. He’s a pastor. They are parents of three adult children, and are also grandparents. But there is one big difference between the Pipers and us. Don was killed in a traffic crash 26 years ago. Needless-to-say, their everyday lives have never been the…

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