90 Minutes In Heaven


"In the moments following a cardiac arrest at the age of 17, I was completely overwhelmed by the brilliance of my Savior. Like Don Piper, I have been in the presence of God. The incredible story of Don’s journey portrayed in 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN reveals how God brought him back to life for a purpose—to be glorified through Don’s life. The hope found in this message is indescribable."

Susan Merrill, Author of The Passionate Mom, Founder of iMOM.com

"A story of faith, family, grit and grace, 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN transcends typical faith-based films with powerful acting and an honest look at the most important question in life: what comes next? The film's sweeping retelling of a compelling true story makes this a must-see movie for both believers and those who seek the truth."

Lisa M. Hendey, author of The Grace of Yes; Founder of CatholicMom.com

"We can't always control our circumstances, but we can always control our response. Don and Eva Piper both responded to tragic circumstances by clinging to hope. Together they turned their tragic test into a magnificent testimony that has touched the lives of millions. I was moved with emotion by the stellar acting performances of Kate Bosworth and Hayden Christensen and by the gripping storyline of 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN."

Darrin Gray, @AllProDadLeader

"90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN shows us how God calls people to be his hands on earth and how he blesses them with compassion. When we let people reach out to us, we allow God to touch our souls."

Jerry Circelli, The North Texas Catholic

"90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN is not only entertaining and thought-provoking, but also has true capacity to change lives and to do great good in a world so greatly in need of courage, healing and hope."

Lisa Hendey, founder and editor of CatholicMom.com

"There's a satisfaction that comes from watching a faith-based film. Even better, when the film is well produced and professionally acted, there's a joy that finally there's something for us on the big screen, something that a Christian audience can appreciate. 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN is that film."

Kathy Schiffer, Seasons of Grace, Patheos blogger

"How many books have we read that are then followed by a film that doesn't match the book? 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN is the true-to-life presentation of the film-to-book approach. This film depicts how life can change totally in a matter of seconds. Real-life accidents and sufferings are something that all of us deal with daily. When we look at our circumstances and reflect on the circumstances of Pastor Piper, it merely puts things into perspective. This perspective was even revealed to Pastor Piper in the film through the eyes and encouragement a young lady. This encouragement illustration in the film is terrific!"

Darrel Billups, Th.D., Executive Director, National Coalition of Ministries to Men

“A stirring film that is about so much more than heaven, with a firm spotlight on the power of prayer. Hayden Christensen is simply outstanding as Don Piper, but he’s not the only one with a top-notch performance."

Michael Foust, Christian News Journal

"90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN shows the power of unconditional love in the midst of inconceivable obstacles. Even when you think all hope is lost … God's love still finds a way to heal and reveal a new appreciation for life."

Freddie Scott II, NFL Ambassador, Transition Coach, CEO/Founder Unlock the Champion

"90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN is one of the best written and directed faith based dramas in recent years … powerful and inspiring."


"Awesome, inspiring, and encouraging!"

Rev. Jay Finelli, host and founder, iPadre Catholic Podcast and Blog

"Besides its hopeful faith message about the reality of Heaven, the true story of how Pastor Don Piper and his wife Eva struggled with the aftermath of the temporarily fatal traffic accident that left his body unimaginably broken is riveting. Highly recommended."

John Kennedy, Faith, Media and Culture, Beliefnet blogger

"The story is powerful. See the movie. Bring your teenagers to the movie. Bring your Life Teen group to the movie. Read the book, and bring your book club to the movie. We all need Hope and Hope Lives."

Lisa Jones and Shelly Kelly, Of Sound Mind and Spirit bloggers

"Go see 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN! This powerful faith-based film is in theaters now!"

Jentzen Franklin, Lead Pastor, Free Chapel

“A new era of faith-based films has captured the hearts of American filmgoers, and 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN is among the best of them. It’s a soul-wrenching true story of the transforming power of prayer and God’s unfathomable grace.”

Patrick Novecosky, Editor-In-Chief, Legatus magazine

“This gripping drama is a strong story of extraordinary faith and perseverance. It touches on a man's views of heaven, but more importantly, it focuses on his long and grueling journey back to health and his family's fears and frustrations during that journey.”

Randall Murphree, Editor, AFA Journal

"90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN will restore your hope in the miracle-working power of God and the reality of heaven!"

Kay Horner, Executive Director, Awakening America Alliance

"God's divine intervention in the death and life of Don Piper testifies that God works miracles. Truth is portrayed in 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN proving that God is ultimately in control and His purposes will prevail. Don endured excruciating, unimaginable pain on his road to healing, while Eva showed perseverance and commitment that is unparalleled in most marriages. 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN will give hope to those who are facing adversity while at the same time, causing the viewer to consider their own eternal destiny."

Suzanne Niles, The Salvation Army, SAVN.tv

"Life has its ups and downs, but God is always with us if we will put our complete trust in Him. 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN illustrates what it means to keep our eyes on Him because He will never leave us nor forsake us even in the most difficult circumstances that life brings our way."

Dr. Dan Erickson, President and Founder, People Matter Ministries; Grand-parenting Expert, Speaker, Author

"90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN tells the incredible story of one man's experience with an eternal Hope and Future that transcends the boundaries of the natural world we live in. The often-gripping portrayal of his experience, and the aftermath of that experience, takes the viewer along on that journey and challenges them to consider their own response to this Hope and Future also available to them. The message of this movie is a powerful reminder of the Divine Plan and Purpose God has for each of us, and the glorious eternity waiting beyond the limits of life in this finite world. See this movie and share its important message with anyone you know who needs to know there is more to this life than mere fading existence."

Ted Bruun, Founder and Executive Director, 
The Extreme Tour and The Objective Movement